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Before Becoming Harold

In the time I’ve spent working for an accounting firm, there’s a regular occurrence that happens around here. A client calls to tell us about a big decision he’s just made but is running into some snags. Let’s call this client Harold. Harold has gone off and made a big purchase, without talking to his […]

RCAO Reporting for Duty

14 or so years ago, an enthusiastic 12th grade student walked into her small hometown bank in rural Michigan to open her first checking account. Can you feel the excitement?! Well for me, there was A LOT of excitement actually! I was preparing to leave my little town behind for the slightly bigger town I’d […]

Keeping an Eye on Aunt Gertrude

Owning a business can be like having a family. You have a lot of love and trust for the members of your family, but that doesn’t mean you don’t keep an eye on crazy Aunt Gertrude who’s been known to swipe a few bucks from your wallet once in a while. While you don’t want […]