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Life-Stages of a Successful Business

As a business owner or manager, you face countless decisions in the day-to-day operation of your enterprise. You’ll experience better success when you understand how each decision, policy, procedure, or process relates to your long-term goals and current business stage. “He’s a zero to two guy!” “She’s great at three through five, but don’t get […]

Don’t be afraid of the 1099…

Every January business owners and individuals start to think about their taxes – do they owe money or will they get a refund? It’s a question we all ask. The answers start by calculating not only income, but also expenses. Have you considered that maybe you should think about those 1099’s BEFORE January? They really […]

Subcontractor Agreements (and why you need one)

Hiring subcontractors can provide many advantages to the small business owner, but with those advantages comes an additional level of risk. Why Do I Need A Subcontractor Agreement? A subcontractor can provide your company with valuable specialized skills needed to complete a project. Subcontracting work can also provide your company with staffing flexibility, cost savings, […]

Business Deductions for Meals and Entertainment

The IRS tells us that a business can deduct expenses that are “ordinary and necessary” and directly relate to active conduct associated with the taxpayer’s trade or business. In layman’s terms that means there must be a valid business purpose for a purchase to qualify as a deductible expense. While meals and entertainment may meet the […]

What to do when you miss the tax deadline?

Filing taxes under normal circumstances can be stressful, but waking up the day after the tax deadline and knowing you still haven’t filed can be downright terrifying. If you woke up this morning with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach we have two words for you: don’t panic. Yes, that’s right. Don’t […]

“If someone can do it better, faster, or cheaper, let him… do it!”

Quote credit: Thomas G. Miller author of “It’s Your Business: So What Are You Going to Do About It?” Have you ever considered outsourcing your accounting and financial tasks? You are not alone. According to Forbes, finance and accounting was one of the first business processes that companies outsourced. Furthermore, outsourcing is NOT limited to […]