Our direct approach to forensic accounting ensures confidentiality and privacy to help you identify threats to your financial health

Forensic accounting involves the research, analysis and reporting of financial information about a business, its internal accounting behavior and the outcome of financial decisions during legal scrutiny or court proceedings. It also allows businesses to dive deep into their financial reports to discover potential fraud, evaluate systems and controls, and ultimately ensure that the financial health of a business is upheld.

Kuberneo CPA’s forensic accounting services allow our clients to support and substantiate court matters to ensure transparency and accountability at every level of an organization—from management to staff workers whose financial decisions could create a challenge to its effective operation. We also work with attorneys-at-law who represent clients during legal matters related to financial and accounting operations.

Through our forensic accounting services, Kuberneo CPA can support your business in:

  • Confidential fraud prevention and detection
  • Auditing accounting systems, controls and processes
  • Performing financial reviews at every account level
  • Assessing financial behaviors by staff
  • Discovering the source of potential losses
  • Internal accounting audits and investigations

Kuberneo CPA focuses on every aspect of our clients’ accounting systems and processes—including accounts payable / receivable, payroll, financial reporting, and many more processes. Our goal is to save our clients’ money, time and effort on costly mistakes or oversights, as well as ensure the integrity of a company during court proceedings and other legal matters.

If you think you are a victim of employee fraud or if you are working with a law firm and need to provide deep knowledge about the dynamics of your accounting or financial systems, contact Kuberneo CPA today.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Forensic accounting can help you find the source of potential fraudulent actions
  • During court proceedings, forensic accounting ensures a neutral party evaluates and reports on a business’ financial behavior