Receiving an IRS envelope in the mail can be frightening and stressful, keeping you from focusing on customers and running the business.

Don’t let an IRS letter, a certified mail slip on the door or an ominously stated warning keep you from sleeping at night or focusing whole-heartedly on your business. At Kuberneo CPA we have seen every type of letter, taxpayer notice and warning that the IRS sends out to business owners and entrepreneurs like you—and we know exactly how to handle them so you don’t have to be worrying about them.

Kuberneo CPA’s knowledgeable tax professionals can help you understand what the IRS letters mean, how they should be addressed, and find the best path to helping you resolve the issue. Likewise, we can help you with Florida Department of Revenue letters, notices and warnings related to sales tax, unemployment compensation and filings.

If you have received an IRS letter or other type of correspondence, Kuberneo CPA can support you by assessing the situation and working with you on options to resolve the issues—and help get the approval from the various agencies to generate the best outcome for you and your business. This is something that you would not be able to do by taking matters into your own hands, but our knowledge and experience allows us to get quickly to the bottom of the matter.

The solution to your IRS problems starts with your decision take action. All you have to do is scan and email us any IRS (or department of revenue) letter, notice or warning as soon as you receive it—and let us take it off your back. There is no better peace of mind than letting a knowledgeable accounting professional handle your problems and provide an effective solution for it.

Don’t let an IRS letter or notice ruin your day. Call Kuberneo CPA today at 407.582.0703 and be ready to scan and send us a copy of your correspondence to help us help you.

Important Points to Remember:

  • As soon as you get a letter from the IRS, share it with your accountant and don’t wait until the last minute.
  • The IRS often sends a letter via US Postal Service and another one via USPS Certified Mail. If you get a second certified letter, you should take action immediately.