The construction industry’s accounting model is driven by schedules, ownership type and development stages

The construction and development industry has experienced a steady comeback that shows a promising future. Kuberneo CPA can support your residential, commercial or industrial development with effective project accounting to ensure accountability and optimal record-keeping.

Our staff works with the construction or development principals and their staff to understand each phase of a project’s costs, managing these results against budgets to help the owners and project managers enhance their management of sub-contractors and employees to achieve the desired results.

Our construction and development business accounting covers:

  • Cost allocation
  • AIA / work in process schedules
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) calculations
  • Bonding
  • Project costing
  • Build out depreciation
  • Lien release management

It should be noted that improper accounting could potentially cost a business owner hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars, from both a lack of cost pass-through management and the under-bidding of projects due to inaccurate record keeping.

Quite often, limited, vague or inaccurate information can produce challenges in your construction and development operations. Kuberneo CPA offers you a team of skilled professionals who are detailed and results-driven.  Let us help you  create a smoother and more profitable operation.

Kuberneo CPA is ready to help you become more effective in managing your construction and development projects, company and operations.

We work with businesses in these industries and sectors:

  • Construction Companies
  • Homebuilders
  • Master-Plan Developers
  • Architects & Engineers
  • General Contractors