Supporting your expense and investments’ plan to minimize both current and long term tax liabilities, while ensuring compliance with all federal and state regulatory agencies

The goal of developing a sound tax strategy is to help maximize your income, dividends and value for your business. At Kuberneo CPA, we work with you to develop tax strategies to reduce the amount of taxes paid using allowances, deductions and other tools available to taxpayers.

All of these are available to you—the business owner—but change and undergo updates often enough that to benefit from them you must be privy to this information in a way only a Certified Public Accountant can. Among common deductions for business owners that we can help you understand are:

  • Mileage deductions
  • Tax credits in select industries
  • Leveraging depreciating assets

Tax strategy is not rocket science, but rather a structured approach to collecting data, understanding the information available, evaluating situations and scenarios, and discussing them with customer just like you. We often discover that our customers may have made assumptions or choices that do not reap the benefits allowed by the IRS.

In addition, many business owners may have overpaid their taxes or failed to benefit from deductions directly related the operation of their business. Unless they have the guidance of a CPA, they may continue to create challenges that prevent them from growing and prospering.

Get started today with Kuberneo CPA and let our experience and knowledge be on your side when managing your business’ accounting. Make the call today at 407.582.0703 to schedule an appointment.

Important Points to Remember:

  • An honest conversation with your accountant can help you avoid challenges in the event of an audit or other regulatory challenges
  • Consult with your accountant on any potential deductions. Don’t make assumptions without asking first.
  • If you are a business owner, filing personal and business taxes may seem one and the same. Check with a CPA first to apply the best tax filing strategy.