The legal profession has intricate accounting rules to follow when dealing with trust funds, escrow accounts and other financial matters

The legal profession is complex and intricate, and so is its accounting with unique dynamics that are both sensitive and require confidentiality to protect the integrity of their clients. Kuberneo CPA offers attorneys and law firms relief from the burden of managing accounting tasks.

Our accounting services are specialized to the unique needs of a legal practice including:

  • Work in process billing
  • Trust accounting / reconciliations
  • Compensation calculations
  • Partner overhead / cost allocations
  • Estate accounting

Our staff can collaborate with all members of your firm’s team to ensure adherence to compliance and confidentiality requirements.

Kuberneo CPA has experience working with attorneys and legal professionals to tend to their specific needs with dedication and effectiveness.

We work with businesses in these industries and sectors:

  • Independent Attorneys
  • Law Offices