Strategy begins with exploring the opportunities beyond the challenges in the road ahead

Kuberneo CPA offers strategic consulting services to help business owners, managers and supporting staff in their decision-making

Kuberneo CPA has been delivering results based on strategic consultation for over a decade. Our staff brings to our firm a breadth of experience, knowledge, resources, and most importantly—insight to help our clients manage through any turbulent scenarios.

Here’s why we can best support your strategic thinking:

  • Exposure to a variety of scenarios
  • Understanding of multiple accounting systems
  • Knowledge of common entrepreneurial challenges
  • Access to resources that can support effective solutions

Our staff is business driven and has extensive experience working with businesses of all size, including startups and growing companies. Whether you are starting a new venture, expanding across the nation or simply need someone to bounce an idea, our team is ready to talk with you.

Want to schedule an appointment? Call Kuberneo CPA today at 407.582.0703 and let us know how we can help you.