KuberneoCPA by de Arrigoitia CPA

Kuberneo CPA Keeps on Growing Towards the Future

We are fulfilling a dream of serving the needs of businesses of all sizes—and individuals at all stages of their growth and life’s achievements

Following the announcement that KuberneoCPA has merged with de Arrigoitia CPA, our staff wants to make sure our clients know you will still be working with all the same great people, along with the benefit of an expanded team to serve a broader range of accounting and needs.

In 2007, KuberneoCPA was founded by Dan Myers with a dream to assemble a knowledgeable team of business professionals capable of delivering a complete menu of accounting and strategic solutions for 21st-century organizations. Since then, we have been serving a robust portfolio of clients ranging from small to medium-sized businesses, delivering sound strategic advice and helping them achieve their business goals with the support of a knowledgeable accounting team.

Over the past few years, our accounting firm’s growth has been fueled by referrals from you, our clients, and the offering of additional services. To better serve you, we added new team members and adopted new accounting technology solutions. During that time, we also experienced Dan’s untimely passing, whose legacy lives on in the way we deliver value to you—our trusted clients who we consider friends.

Perhaps one of the most important achievements in Dan’s professional life was to not only create KuberneoCPA, but to systemize our processes, establish best practices, and train our staff to follow his personable and professional approach to building relationships. To this day, that is the way our staff continues to work by following Dan’s example as an outstanding CPA and human being.

Now that we have joined forces with de Arrigoitia CPA, you should also know that our future is linked to our past. Eric de Arrigoitia—the Managing Partner of the new firm—and Dan have a common history. Dan worked at Eric’s firm and developed much of his style and personal approach to client interactions during their time together.

During the next several weeks, you will see subtle changes happening, such as seeing both names displayed together in correspondence and other documents. The acquisition of KuberneoCPA by de Arrigoitia CPA is building on the reputation and expertise developed by both firms over a combined period of more than 40 years. Therefore, we are working diligently to ensure all systems and processes are aligned to ensure we are ready for Tax Time in 2023.

Last, our merged accounting team of CPAs, along with Kathi Myers and Eric de Arrigoitia, will be working together to ensure the transition is seamless. The best part is that we are enjoying the synergistic collaboration—born of Dan and Eric’s friendship—as the best practice for ensuring our firms deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Remember, our KuberneoCPA staff is only a phone call away, should you have any more questions about the merger, our services, or getting your ducks in a row ahead of Tax Time in 2023.