The ABC’s of Surviving a Crisis or Business Interruption

Act decisively but not hastily.

Be compassionate and diligent.

Communicate relentlessly with employees, customers and vendors.

Don’t overreact–we will all get through this soon enough.

Extend grace whenever possible, and trust that others will do the same.

Find creative and positive ways to add value to your customers.

Give generously when you’re able to.

Have faith and be human .

Investigate your options. 

Join forces with others for a greater impact (and build relationships for the future!)

Kindness can move mountains. Give it away whenever you can.

Look for opportunities and listen.

Make lemonade! Opportunities abound when you look for creative solutions to help others.

Never underestimate the value you can provide to others, or the impact that doing so will have on you.

Observe and obey the law and instructions by government officials and authorities.

People remain your greatest asset. Treat them accordingly.

Quit responding in fear.

Ready yourself for the worst while hoping for the best.

Stay informed and stay calm.

There are no silver bullets. Take care of your health.

Understand that it’s a process. Nothing happens quickly.

Visualize your ideal outcome and plan accordingly.

Work to achieve your goals, but not at the expense of others.

X-out any expenses that aren’t mission critical. This is a good practice anyway, but paramount during times of crisis. 

Your employees, vendors and customers want to hear from you. Often. It bears repeating—communicate relentlessly!

Zilch! That’s what it costs to be compassionate, useful, and kind!


We will continue adding content related to the Covid-19 crisis. You can access this content here. Check back often, as things are changing quickly.